Respect is something we all learn as soon as we’re old enough to understand the concept. We then grow up learning how to respect ourselves, family, friends and the world we all live in. As we get older, we better understand what respect entails and it becomes individually defined for each person through personal experience. The great philosopher Confucius once said that people will only look up to you if you first have respect for yourself.

Although it seems like an easy concept to grasp, there’s a deeper meaning hidden in his wise words. Respect is something that is earned through the way you act in the world. In order to gain respect, you first need to respect yourself. You should not act in a shameful manner, or impart hurt and pain on others. You should act in a way that you would want to be treated by others. Whether it’s your friends, your neighbors, or the environment around you, earning respect is a matter of acting with consideration and kindness in everything you do.

Respect is something that is earned, so to earn it, you’ll have to put your best foot forward in everything you do. This includes being a role model for others becoming a model citizen of the world. To do this, one must understand the plight of our planet today. There are far too many disrespecting Mother Earth and all of its beautiful creatures and land. We are literally trashing the only home we have as we disregard the consequences of our actions.

Our children’s future looks bleak if we don’t stand up and start respecting Earth and its creatures. Your children may grow up in a world where many of the animals you know and love have been lost forever. And with the extinction rate currently 1,000 times what it should be, your grandchildren most certainly will. This is a prime example of how we as a species have not treated our environment with respect, and how we’ve forgotten to consider how our own actions impact the lives of others – mankind, animals and Mother Earth.

Of course this is not solely down to you — it’s down to all of us as a while — which means only a movement can result in the change the world needs to see. This is a movement that calls you to be the voice for the voiceless in order to secure a better future for those who can’t speak for themselves. Animals need us to be their voice because they can’t write to governments regarding laws protecting them. They can’t donate to various organizations that aim to save them. They ‘re vulnerable and the only way to keep them alive

The key thing to notice is that we as a species are not just impacting our own lives. We’re sharing the planet with 10,000,000 other species who all rely on the environment to give them nourishment and shelter. Whether we intended to or not, we are going against what Confucius taught us, and are imparting harm of other forms of life. Although humans are the dominant species on Earth, we must not overpower those who are weaker than us. If we are to gain the true respect of one another, then we need to come together and work in the best interests of those who have no voice of their own.

We must start thinking of the Earth’s animals as our friends, family and neighbors and start respecting them and their habits. In order to do so, we’re on a mission to shine light on the action of our own species and talk about how they greatly impact the world. Our new “Be the Voice of the Voiceless” collection is a consciousness-raising initiative that is designed to spread the word about the need to respect our environment as much as we should respect one another.

We’ve come up with a vast collection of merchandise that does good on all fronts. Portions of the sale will go to conservation efforts, while you’ll be a walking billboard for problems our world is facing. So when people stop and ask you about it, you’ll be able to help spread the word of our efforts, thus being a voice to the voiceless!

This is more than a campaign designed to promote a quick fix. It is an attempt to change our habits by looking deep within ourselves and asking whether we respect ourselves based on the choices we make on a daily basis that either hurt or benefit Mother Earth and all of her creatures!

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