Beautiful Animals Driven To Extinction

What if you woke up tomorrow to find on the news that the Big Cats were no longer roaming the Earth? These beautiful animals are now long gone because of us. Well guess what? It’s happening! Not only to the world’s precious Big Cats, but to many more beautiful animals. Extinction is becoming all too real for many of Earth’s precious creature and we NEED to do something to stop this. It’s sad to think about, yes, but without action we’re lose animals that served a purpose to this Earth. And don’t just think that zoos will save them because although zoos are trying their best to help the numbers of these fragile animals, we can’t solely rely on them. We need to do our part, too, and become activists for the world’s beautiful animals that are on the verge of extinction. To make this fact hit closer to home, here are a few species of beautiful animals that are sadly no longer here on Earth due humans:

  1. Western Black Rhinoceros

Today’s rhinoceros will see the same fate as the Western Black Rhino that once roamed free in Africa. But sadly, they were poached for their horns. Back in the 1980s, their population numbers were in the hundreds, then by the 2000s, there were only 10…yes, 10 Western Black Rhinoceros LEFT! In 2011, surveys from 2006 failed to locate any remaining ones and they were officially declared extinct. It’s the third black rhino to go extinct, following the Southern Black species in 1850 and the North-Eastern Black Rhino in the early 20th century.

  1. Tasmanian Tiger

The Tasmanian Tiger was a shy, nocturnal creature that looked sort of like a dog. However, it had a stiff tail and an abdominal pouch and survived on Tasmania after it became extinct on the Australian mainland before the British arrived. The last known one died in 1936 at the Hobart Zoo. The introduction of dogs, hunting, human encroachment on its home and disease all lead to its extinction.

  1. Dodo

Everyone’s heard of the Dodo bird, which is one of the most famous extinct animals! The flightless bird became famous due to its appearance in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but the last sighting of it was in 1662. It roamed Mauritius where it was thriving during the 17th century. However, it was wiped out due to human encroachment.

  1. Woolly Mammoth

Early humans coexisted with Woolly Mammoths, which were like fury elephants. But they hunted them down for food, tools and dwellings, using their bones and tusks for a variety of things. While early humans caused them to go extinct, a few managed to survive on St Paul Island (off the coast of Alaska) and Wrangel Island (in the Artic Ocean) until they all died off about 4,000 years ago.

  1. Pinta Island Tortoise

The Pinta Island Tortoise called The Galapagos home is its last known specimen died in 2012. However, Yale University researchers have suggested that there could be a few more left on Isabela Island, which is the largest island in The Galapagos. We’re crossing our fingers this is true!

  1. Quagga

You might have never heard of the Quagga and that’s because it went extinct in the wild in 1878. The last captive one died in 1883 in Amsterdam. The Quagga was a subspecies of plains zebra, but it only had stripes on the front half of its body.

It’s sad to think that we’ll never see these beautiful animals ever again. But what’s even sadder is that this is currently happening to many more animals that we love and adore today. So if you want your children to be able to see all of Earth’s animals in the future, it’s time to step up be their voice!

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