12 things to help protect endangered species

The Earth is filled with magical creatures big and small. But sadly, many of them are struggling to survive and we risk losing them forever. Animals that are on the brink of extinction because of loss of habitat, hunting and low populations are considered endangered species. They are categorised as likely to become extinct, so it’s up to us to make sure this doesn’t happen.

And don't think that your efforts won’t matter! If everyone does their part, we can save these amazing animals from being gone forever. We just all need to do our part and work toward a common goal and that’s to save as many animals as we can. Here are a few ways to help protect endangered species:

  1. Reduce how much water you use

Stop wasting water and try to reduce your water usage whenever you can, especially when there’s a drought. Don’t take long showers, stop watering your lawn, wait to use the dishwasher until it’s completely full, don’t let the water run when you brush your teeth and be conscious about how much water you use.

  1. Grow native plants in your community

When you grow native plants, you’re providing shelter and food for native wildlife in your community. Plus, you’re also reducing water usage. Research what native plants are in your area to do your part locally!

  1. Educate your friends and family

In order to save endangered animals, it all starts with education! Teach your friends and family about endangered species and share this list with them so that they can do their part, too. Teach them about wildlife in your area and how they can help local wildlife and those across the globe.

  1. Recycle

Always recycle everything and anything you can! Recycle plastics, old electronics, furniture, clothes and the like. Also buy sustainable products as much as possible.

  1. Add pressure to local governments

To defend the natural world, you’ll need to pressure local governments so that they make the right decisions when it comes to our planet. Voters have to take a stand by writing letters, signing petitions and donating funds.

  1. Volunteer

If you have some free time to space, volunteer some time to protect wildlife in your community.

  1. Boycott companies that are known as polluters

If a company is known to as a polluter, boycott them and tell everyone you know not to buy form them. Don’t give them your business and spread the world about how they pollute the Earth.

  1. Don’t buy plastic products

Plastic is harming our world so don’t buy plastic products. Reuse bags, containers and properly dispose of lightweight plastics.

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint

Try to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible. Drive less and use alternate modes of transportation. Choose biodegradable products, eat less meat, buy whole foods from a farmers market and the like.

  1. Don’t Buy From The Black Market

When you travel, make sure that you’re not buying things made from products off the black market like ivory, coral, tortoise shells and more.

  1. Get in contact with your local Fish and Game department

If you’re a hunter, keep your licenses up to stay and get in contact with your local WFG so that you know which animal populations need culling and which are off limits.

  1. Don’t use herbicides or pesticides

These chemicals really harm the environment and affect wildlife. Use alternatives to pesticides at all times!

So there you have it - a few tips on how you can help endangered species on Earth! Join our movement and learn more about how to save Earth for a better future for all of us.

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