Earn Your Stripes And Save The Zebras

Zebras are one of those animals you distinctively know as a young child for its striped body that can’t be missed! They are beautiful animals that roam the African Plaines. But their future doesn’t look too good right now due to illegal poaching. These animals are being are being hunted for their gorgeous hides.

You see, people love their stripes so much that they want them for their own purposes, specifically rugs and décor. But, really, their stripes look better on them than they’ll ever look in any home or space. Factor in the fact they are currently also experiencing habitat loss and the future of zebras is questionable. Grevy’s zebras in particular are facing extinction, which is why we need to spread awareness so that this horrific potential future doesn’t come true.

Grevy’s zebra inhabited the plains of various parts of Africa, including Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti. But now they’re mainly confined to the Horn of Africa (Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia) because of the rapid declines in their population numbers. Their natural predators are lions, cheetahs, leopards and hyenas, but hunting dogs and humans have now become their biggest threats.

Out of any African mammal, Grevy’s zebras have undergone the biggest reductions in population. Habitat loss in an already small restricted range is hindering their survival. They’re in competition for resources and food with other grazing animals, including cattle and livestock. Because of competition for water and overgrazing, juvenile Grevy’s zebras have a low survival rate. But it’s also the hunting that’s making their numbers dwindle. They are hunted for their skins, but occasionally hunted for food and medicinal uses in some regions.

We can’t sit back and wait for these beautiful animals to go extinct! We have to take action and do something about it now. In order to help protect the Grevy’s zebra, we need to act fast. While numerous foundations across the globe are trying to come up with ways to help these zebras, you can do your part and provide monetary funding for these zebras. Currently, scientists are using technology for their conservation tactics. They’re using collars that will provide them with important information as it pertains to their whereabouts. This way they’ll gain a better understanding of the Grevy’s zebras’ patterns to better protect them.

Your funds will also go to engage wildlife scouts so that they have the right tools to save these animals from threats. They’ll be able to get GPS-monitoring devices and vehicles to protect wildlife, including Grevy’s zebras, when threats arise. So whatever you can spare, donate! Know that your money won’t go to waste and that you’ll be helping a great cause. A future with no Grevy’s zebra is no future at all!

To show off your support for zebras, we have an amazing T shirt for sale that will declare to the world that how you have earned your stripes. To earn your stripes, you’ll need to prove that you’re deserving of something special. In this case, zebras deserve a better life and future. Show off your support by purchasing one of our tees and a percentage of the sale will go towards their conservation! And don’t forget to join our movement so that together we can save the zebras and all the other endangered species. If we all unite and strive for action and conservation, we just might be able to save zebras from extinction!

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