Elephants are precious animals. They’re majestic, powering and beautiful creatures, but sadly they are going extinct because of their ivory tusks. But elephants aren’t the only animals on the brink of extinction because of their body parts; rhinos and other horned animals risk leaving this Earth forever because of the illegal horn trade, too.

This is devastating and needs to be stopped! Banning the elephant ivory trade across the globe will do wonders to the elephant population across the globe, as well as other horned animals that are poached. Thousands and thousands of elephants are killed across Africa just because of their tusks and rhinos because of their horns. Even though international commercial trade in new ivory is banned since 1989, there are many countries that still allow some form of ivory trade. It’s these domestic markets that are huge components of the increase of ivory trafficking and elephant poaching. Some countries allow the trade of antique ivory items, but oftentimes, many traffickers try to make their new ivory items appear “older.” This trend is what’s spiking the number of animals killed yearly for pieces of their anatomy.

It seems these countries’ government and policy-makers are failing in correctly authenticating older ivory. Thus poorly enforcing regulation and simply providing ivory traffickers a convenient loophole to continue the slaughter of these animals. There should be no ivory trade at all! It needs to be stopped in order to protect these majestic animals. Any commercial trade in ivory and horns only stimulates its demand. “New” ivory from poached elephants and other animals are becoming too easy to sell thanks to unregulated rules and laws that aren’t taken seriously. Governments needs to step up and do their due diligence to ban it completely or else all of these amazing creatures will become extinct sooner than they should. Something needs to be done and the rules need to be stricter than ever before! We can’t risk a future without elephants or rhinos, or any other animals for that matter.

The ivory trade isn’t just a disaster for these animals, but also puts our future at risk. Elephants in particular prop up forest and savannah ecosystems humans need to be able to store carbon. In order to stabilise our shifting climate, we must stop their slaughter by poachers looking for ivory to sell. Even in sanctuary habitats, these animals are hunted by criminal gangs for their tusks. The current wave of ivory poaching threatening our world is killing off almost 30,000 African elephants a year! That number will only grow unless something is done to stop it.

But you can do something about the illegal trade! You can ask before you buy when it comes to clothing or jewellery. Asking a vendor what it’s made of will help you say no to the illegal ivory trade. You can also stick to certified products that feature a Forest Stewardship Council seal to make sure they were created sustainably. Also, petition your local government to stop the ivory trade and whatever regulations they have on it. It’s not enough to just place a rule on it; it needs to be banned all together. Finally, you can pledge your support by donating to charities and organisations whose mission it is to fight the illegal ivory trade to save these animals. Any little bit counts and could really make a difference in their fight!

So don’t think you can’t do anything to help. If everyone is willing to do something about the illegal ivory trade, we will see change! Join our movement today and be the change the world needs!

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