You already know that our wonderful planet that we call home is in danger. With pollution, extinction and the hole in the ozone layer, our future isn’t looking too bright right now. But it doesn’t have to be that way if we all do something about it. We can save animals on the brink of extinction, protect precious land and our entire planet Earth if we really try. All it takes is a conscious effort from everyone on Earth and changes will happen gradually!

The Importance Of The Leuser Ecosystem

One such place we need to focus our conservation efforts on is the Leuser Ecosystem. Located in the provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, it’s a magical place that features miles of intact tropical lowland rainforests, picturesque cloud-dressed mountains and vaporous peatlands. Actually, it’s one of the most ancient ecosystems documented by scientists known for its biodiverse traits that make it so special.

It’s also one of the last places on Earth, where you’ll see elephants, tigers, run bears and Sumatran orangutans living as nature intended them to (besides the zoo, of course). Another reason why the region is so special and valued is the fact that its vegetation is a vital source of Earth’s oxygen. Not only does it provide habitats for many endangered animals, but the ecosystem also acts as a life support for about four million people who live near it, providing them a number of things like soil fertility, water, flood control, pest mitigation and climate regulation.

The Leuser Ecosystem is vital to Earth for a number of reasons, which is why we needs save it before it’s too late!

Threats To The Leuser Ecosystem

But like all beautiful ecosystems on Earth, it’s hanging by a thread. Although it’s still protected under Indonesian natural law, the Leuser Ecosystem is gravely in danger if we don’t do something about it soon. Currently, it’s at a tenuous crossroads due to a number of things inching its way onto the fertile land, such as mining and the increased demand for industrial development for palm oil, pulp and paper plantations. Palm oil plantations on the West Coast of Aceh, known of Tripa, is where many of them lie. They release harmful carbon dioxide when the peat is burned and clear out primary forest and burn nearby peat swamps to construct large canals to plant palm oil. Its damage to the region threatens a number of animals, especially orangutans.

Another huge threat is the building of road networks through the forest, causing deforestation and allowing illegal logging and poaching to happen with greater ease. A proposed road that’s called the “Ladia Galaska” would connect the west and easts coast of the island, cutting right through the middle of the Leuser Ecosystem in at least nine places. This would have devastating effects on many animals and trees.

What You Can Do

To save the Leuser Ecosystem, you can sign petitions that aim to stop palm oil plantations from driving their forces deeper into the precious paradise. You can also donate funds to various places that aim to raise awareness and save the Leuser Ecosystem. More action is needed to effect real changes, but the biggest thing we need to do is raise awareness! People need to know what’s happening and how important the Leuser Ecosystem to our future and the future of our planet. Time is running out, so raise your voice today and protect this sensitive ecosystem today!

Flossie Flamingo 

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