Rising temperatures across the globe are becoming more and more worrisome everyday. There’s no denying that Earth is experiencing a climate change and if we don’t do something about it, our future can be at stake. Humans, animals, plant life and every inch of the planet are affected by climate change. Climate change could have dire consequences for the animals of Earth right now.

Currently, hungry polar bears are unable to find food in the Arctic. That’s because climate change is melting all the ice, making it hard for them to hunt for food. They’re now making their way to local towns to sniff out garbage and scavenge for their meals. Down in Antarctica, baby penguins are freezing to death because of the increased rain and less snow. Climate change is real and the consequences are even more real.

Both of these animals live at different poles of the Earth and they are the victims of climate change. Polar bears and penguins rely on ice and the cold to survive, which is a problem now that the plant is warming up too fast. The coldest places on Earth are now getting warm and warmer each year. Even though they aren’t in the same area, they share the same problems. Scientists classify both animals as indicator species. This means that their well-being demonstrates how healthy an ecosystem is. And right now they aren’t demonstrating a good picture in the Arctic and Antarctic.

When less sea ice is available, population growth of these two species are negatively impacted, in addition to life everywhere else as sea levels start to rise. As global temperatures only continue to rise, more sea ice will melt faster and more frequently. So if there are more frequent episodes of reduced sea ice, then populations of polar bears and penguins will only decline over time.

What’s currently happening to the polar bears and penguins could be a preview of what will happen to the rest of us on Earth. The rising sea levels could displace millions of people and eventually disrupt our food supply. This is why we need to take action now to what’s happening to the penguins and polar bears or else we face a similar future. Polar bears are now considered endangered in the United States and are listed as “vulnerable” by the IUCN due to their decreasing ice habitat that’s threatened by climate change. More and more polar bears will starve to death and we’ll lose more penguins that won’t survive without colder temperatures.

So what can we do to help save both penguins and polar bears? Take climate change seriously! We need to be held responsible for what we’re doing to planet Earth and how we as humans are harming it. If we want to change the world, we need to inform others of climate change and its consequences. Knowledge is power, so go out and educate others about the problem! Getting more and more people knowledgeable about the subject will bring about more awareness.

Also, healing Earth starts in your home. Power your home with renewable energy by choosing a utility company that generates half of its power from solar or wind or has been certified by Green-e Energy. Weatherise your home so that you’re not always using your heater or AC, and make other energy-efficiency home improvements when you can. Also, reduce water waste, eat less meat and don’t waste food. Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle and overall, try to shrink your carbon footprint. Even though these sound like little things, if everyone does them, we can minimise climate changes affects on Earth and save tons of animals like polar bears and penguins. Join our movement today and be the change the world needs!

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