We all need to protect our planet and 1% For The Planet has made it their mission to do so and raise more awareness about it. As a global network of businesses, individuals and nonprofits, the foundation was created to make meaningful connections to create a healthier planet. They’ve helped facilitate more than $175 million dollars given to various organizations and charities that aim to protect our world. Their impact is felt by bringing dollars and doers together to accelerate “smart environmental giving.”

Our planet is in trouble and if we don’t do something about it, we might be too late. Our future already looks bleak, but 1% For The Planet wants to help change that outcome. As we face an existential threat and world leaders aren’t doing much to change that, they’ve made it their mission to turn this around. It’s time the global community takes responsibility for the planet and that’s what the foundation wants to achieve as they look to drive positive change with their projects and funding.

Since most individuals or businesses don’t have the right resources or expertise to create their own giving strategies, 1% For The Planet does. By joining, you’ll save time and money since they connect you to trusted nonprofit partners. Their massive network delivers shared value and more support for a number of environmental problems that require solutions. By supporting them and joining their network, members give directly to approved nonprofits of their choosing and will certify this giving each year.

The 1% For The Planet model works with businesses giving at least 1% of their annual sales to the cause, with individuals providing at least 1% of their annual salary or net worth. Members give directly to approved nonprofits from their vast list of partners. Their network consists of more than 1,200 member businesses, thousands of nonprofit partners and numerous individuals located in more than 40 countries on Earth. Since 2002, their members have given back more than $150 million! They are committed to building support for essential work in six core focus areas, including food, climate, land, water, pollution and wildlife.

So whatever environmental problem you’re passionate about, 1% For The Planet will have numerous organizations to help donate to. You’ll be able to find charities that are dear to your heart and passion, allowing you to support their efforts to change the world. Your money goes directly to where you’d like it and they’re basically the middleman. They’ll connect you to niche nonprofits you wouldn’t have otherwise known about!

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