Flossie is a member of The British Royal family of Flamingos.  She is the sole heir to the British throne and was born in 1990, Holland Park, West London.  She was home schooled at an early age before furthering her education in Switzerland.  

Flossie excelled in ballet and English literature and started her working career in investment banking from the pressure of her family whereby her ancestral line comes from finance.

Whilst working in London, Hong Kong, and Zurich, Flossie has had numerous proposals for marriage; however, she always found that her male counterparts were only ever interested in having a ‘trophy wife’ due to Flossie’s rare pinkness to her feathers. This has always left her admirers mesmerised by her outstanding beauty.

Flossie has been involved in numerous philanthropic causes, and her patronage has stimulated material donations and awareness.





In 2016, one of her best friends with whom she met in the Andes Mountains of South America during her childhood, was captured by poachers. This caused a huge sense of grief and loss for Flossie, but gave her the courage to leave her career in banking and start her quest to find her friend.

Despite Flossie being an heir to the throne, she has been cut off from any daily financial allowances from her family. Apparently, her sudden departure from her career caused her family significant embarrassment.

We urge you to join Flossie’s movement as she ventures across the globe in search of her friend. 




Whilst on her travels, she has managed to meet new friends and free various endangered species that are threatened by poachers who ‘kidnap’ and often kill these animals for financial gain. She also wants to highlight the plights of greedy corporate capitalists who are destroying the natural habitations, ecosystems, and environments for animals and humans alike. Flossie has also met wonderful people and organisations that she supports.







Flossie sends us her journals, which document her observations from her travels and contain her thoughts on these important issues and ways of how to overcome them.

She has gathered quotes over the last few years and wishes for us to circulate them in the hope that someone, somewhere will learn from or even know what the quote means and stands for.

This process has worked so far, for it has managed to create new communities and offer important leads to her friend’s whereabouts.



“Every human being and animal should have the right to live where they want in peace and free from fear and, ultimately, extinction. Join my movement #flossiewarrior in the quest for living together in harmony.”

~ Flossie Flamingo xoxo



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