'Every time you spend, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want'.

~ Anna Lappe

Why not floss your style and do some good at the same time?

Now you can when you purchase one of our unique products! You’ll be able to up the ante on your style while saving the planet and its precious creatures. For every purchase you make on our website, you’re automatically donating to a very important cause.

We’re trying to do our part and save the planet, its animals and its most vulnerable ecosystems and now you can, too! Flossie Flamingo wants to inspire all to think about the Earth’s most vulnerable everyday, which is why we create animal-centric pieces that not only look good, but also bring awareness to various causes that are affecting our planet. Everything that we do, we want to inspire others to want to do some good, which is why we’re always looking to create a deep connection with wildlife and the environment we live in.

Our environment is fragile and each day we as humans are pushing it to the edge of catastrophe. But we need to do our part because we only have one environment to sustain us. We need to find a balance between using our natural resources, while also preserving them and that’s why we donate a percentage to various causes that are near and dear to our heart.

If we don’t act now and start doing our part preserve wildlife habitats, keeping the wilderness forever wild and saving living rivers and oceans that help sustain us, the very existence of our valued outdoor experiences are threatened. We’ve dedicated our work to the restoration, enhancement and, ultimately, long-term protection of these great wild places.

Flossie Flamingo is proud to commit 10% of pre-tax profits to sustaining and protecting wildlife and our environment for both us and our children (and their children, too). We have partnered up with Pledgeling, our donations processing provider. 

Because we can’t just choose just one non-profit organisation to support, we’ve chosen to donate proceeds to a few that align with our mission to save the world. We support the following crusaders and their initiatives in the following ways:

  - Our Crusaders - Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, WWF, Nat Geo WILD, Sea Shepherd and 1% for the planet.

  - Flossie Flamingo commits 10% donations solicited from our customers via promotions on our website, emails, social media, ambassadors, partners, publicity campaigns and affiliates.

  - The funds offer the additional benefit of raising awareness and endorsement to the cause, which many times exceeds the actual financial amount raised!

  - Throughout the year, we then research what we believe to be the most compelling issues facing our world and wildlife. Then a decision is made as to what issues to undertake for the following year. From there, we research organisations doing the most impactful work to address that concern.

We’re trying to do our part in saving our planet for a better tomorrow and need your helps to accomplish our mission!

We want to take the time to sincerely thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for any past, present and future purchases! Looking and feeling great in our merchandise is a win-win for all. Not only do you get to add to your personal style, but you get to save wildlife and help preserve our environment at the same time!

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