Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Leonardo might be an A-list celebrity, but he’s more than just an Academy Award-winning actor – he’s an activist and cares about the Earth and all of its creatures. His foundation is dedicated to the protection and wellbeing of all of Earth’s inhabitants, supporting projects across the globe that aim to protect the world we live int. He’s using his celebrity notoriety to do good and we’re 100% behind his mission!

The foundation supports projects that protect vulnerable wildlife, build climate resiliency and helps to restore balance to various threatened ecosystems and communities on this beautiful planet we call home. While many celebrities are involved in some sort of charity organization, where they’re merely the spokesperson, Leonardo has gone above and beyond with his foundation. He didn’t just want to promote another organization, but truly felt compelled to do something on his own and make a greater impact for the sake of saving Earth.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation was first founded in 1998 and for the past 20 years, it’s funded more than 200 projects in 50 countries, awarding $100 million grants. In two decades, the Foundation has supported 132 organizations and that number will only double in the coming years. Through collaborative partnerships, they aim to support innovative projects, with its grant-making program encompassing six focus areas that include: Marine Life & Oceans, Wildlife & Landscapes, Climate Change, Innovative Solutions, Environment Now California Program and Indigenous Rights.

While the actor in Leonardo might gain publicity for numerous causes and organizations, it’s the activist in him that’s passionate about bringing about change. As the founder and chairmen of the Foundation, he’s produced many environmentally themed creative projects and documentaries that ignited awareness and change for a variety of serious subjects we should all care about if we want a better future on Earth.

With so many different projects in the works, it’s hard to touch upon all of them. However, a few wildlife conversation effort ones worth knowing about include the Leuser Ecosystem action fund, anti-poaching operations in Bili-Mbomu, protecting the iconic gray wolf, wild tigers, and mountain lions in the Santa Monica mountains and many more! It’s amazing when celebrities use their celebrity status for good, but it’s even better when they go above and beyond as Leonardo DiCaprio has demonstrated with his amazing foundation!

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