Nat Geo WILD is a cable network channel that’s focused on all things wildlife! As the sister network to the National Geographic Channel, programming consist of shows for animal-lovers, allowing them to take a journey through the animal kingdom to discover new things. Given they’re passionate about animals, it only makes sense that they go above and beyond to protect the wildlife that they feature.

The National Geographic Society is committed to protecting 30% of our planet Earth by 2030 and they’re doing everything they can to make that happen. Each year they give more than 450 grants to educators, scientists and storytellers across the globe to better our world. They invest in what they call “explorers,” giving them grants to inspire change and educate the masses about numerous problems humanity and the Earth currently face. After all, more than ever, our plant needs our help and they’re doing their part to save it. They focus their attention on key projects that emphasize technology, science and storytelling to protect and save species-at-risk, conserve some of Earth’s last wild places and better understand humanity and its various cultures better than ever before.

The National Geographic Society has been around since 1888 and has been awarding grants to change-makers for decades. They’ve actually given out more than 13,000 grants and will only double that number to meet their mission by 2030. They provide grants to up-and-comers looking to make an impact on today’s world in addition to well-established leaders in their fields from education, conservation, research, technology and storytelling. Their grants help further fund the understanding of our only home to generate more solutions for a more sustainable and healthier future for all – man, plant and animal!

With so many projects in the works with their various “explorers,” it would be impossible to name them all! Their Big Cats initiative aims to stop trophy hunting, habit loss and conflict with humans that are putting big cats at huge risk. Last Wild Places supports critical research to protect and restore some of the last remaining wild regions on Earth. Plastics: Source To Sea is a multi-year initiative to find out how plastic moves through watersheds to come up with solutions to keep plastics from reaching our oceans. These are only a few projects that National Geographic Society supports and we support them all 100% (and you should, too)!

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