'Every individual matters, Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference'.

~ Jane Goodall

The images used in our merchandising are of Flossie travelling across the globe in her quest to find her friend and free endangered animals along the way.

They say that a picture can tell a thousand words. Thus, we hope that each image illustrates the beauty of these animals in their natural habitats. We all like taking pictures to capture moments and remind ourselves of happy times. Although many of us have countless happy times ahead of us, these could be limited due to our own damage to the environment, and the images you see of Flossie and her friends may be jeopardised by the greed of mankind. This could be the last happy memory they have to cherish.

Our iconic t-shirts depict some of your favourite animals, and most of our wearable merchandising comes with one of Flossie’s quotes, which make us think of less fortunate animals who are forced to leave their natural habitats and fear for their lives. In addition to endangered species, Flossie encourages us to think about the environmental damage we are creating. This includes climate change resulting from corporate pollution and toxic waste being left in our oceans.

However, wearing the merchandise goes beyond looking fun and stylish. We aim to strengthen Flossie’s philosophy and her movement. Her merchandise extends beyond wearable clothing. For example, our accessories and bags not only create important conversations about and interests in endangered animals, but they also create a community of like-minded individuals. Our items carry a message that will stimulate people to think about our cause.

We have teamed up with various suppliers around the world, and to keep costs down we have not invested in fancy packaging when sending out our merchandise. Although this can be aesthetically pleasing, it is a cost that can be better utilised (e.g., to use better quality materials to produce longer-lasting products). This, in turn, leads to a greater opportunity to spread the word.

Our main objective is to create a movement that has not yet been done before. It is our goal to be in a strong financial position to grow and maintain a movement that evolves over time and continually educates and helps humans and animals live in harmony and to enjoy God’s creation—life.

For every item purchased, funds are dedicated towards the following:

- Continuous advertising and marketing to spread Flossie’s word and to grow her movement.

- Non-profit organisations:

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation


Sea Shepherd

Nat Geo Wild

1% For The Planet

- A hub and place where like-minded people can tune into. We will have articles and blogs about current issues and what Flossie is up to.

Flossie is not just an ambassador for endangered animals. Rather, she is an ambassador for humans as well. Because Flossie is a non-human, but has been brought up in human society, she understands both humans and animals and aims to bridge the gap and ignorance that each party is guilty of.

We often ask ourselves “How can I possibly help?” regarding specific causes. But it all starts with the tiniest bit of effort, which can then snowball into something big!


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