Sea Shepherd is an international direct-action ocean conservation movement that’s making waves for marine life and more. Their mission is to defend, conserve and protect the world’s oceans and its life. They protect all oceans from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction. It’s a known fact that our oceans and its marine life are dying because of humans. We are constantly destroying habitats and overfishing. Poachers plunder marine life sanctuaries on the daily, causing harm and damage to delicate marine ecosystems. There’s so much unreported and unregulated fishing that goes unchecked in the high seas, so Sea Shepherd has mad it their mission to stop it!

You might have even heard of Sea Shepherd thanks to their TV show, “Whale Wars,” that was on Animal Planet! On the show, the Sea Shepherd and its crew were seen taking direct action to stop Japanese whale hunters. However, Sea Shepherd goes all the way back to 1977, when the ship used first started to use their innovative direct action tactics to defend the oceans and its occupants.

Sea Shepherd opposes the pollution of the ocean’s fragile ecosystems via fisheries and off-shore drillings, in addition of the destruction of gentle coral reefs due to trawling. They also fight against the loss of costal nesting sites because of commercial development. They fight to preserve the planet because they recognize that the Earth isn’t just a home for humans, but to other species that matter, too. Their well-being is inexorably liked to ours, and so they need protection. They’ve taken the fight to the sea and are prepared to do their part to ensure the ocean’s safety.

The Sea Shepherd fights because of al the political red tape that exists when it comes to international rules and regulations on our seas. International laws and agreements exist to protect ocean and marine life, but they can be hard to enforce because of lack of political will, not enough economic resources and boundaries that blur jurisdiction. So Sea Shepherd aims to fill that void and protect vulnerable sea life.

One of their biggest projects to date is stopping the illegal whale slaughters that happening everywhere. Commercial whaling almost made whales extinct and a global moratorium was put into regulation in 1986. But some countries don’t recognize the ban, including Norway, Iceland and Faroe Island. Then the Japanese send fleets to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary during every Austral summer to kill whales under the guise of “scientific research.” Since their first trip to Antarctica in 2002, the Sea Shepard has saved more than 6,000 whales and aim to save many more in the future by taking action to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. Donating and getting involved in their mission not only helps save the oceans and its marine life, but also ensures a better planet for all!

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